Pre-Health Newsletter

In order to not overwhelm you with e-mails, we will be communicating important information via three ways:

1. A monthly (or bi-monthly) newsletter: The newsletter will have information about Health Careers, office hours for advising, a list of upcoming events, and other relevant information. You can subscribe/unsubscribe anytime you wish.

2. Twitter feed: Follow us on Twitter @JJay_PreHealth. There you’ll get reminders, tips, events, and links to resources, etc. We promise not to follow you so we will never be able to see your feed and you will have full privacy. Feel free to re-tweet and to spread the word!

3. Occasional E-mails: Reserved only for announcements that cannot wait until the newsletter. We know you receive lots of e-mails from the College and we will try not to add to it. E-mails will also be to the point, one or two lines max.


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