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What Type of Training Do I Need at John Jay?

John_Jay_logoNo particular undergraduate major is required for admission to most health professions schools. The abilities to read, write, and think critically and to perform well in science courses are vitally important for successful admission to health professions schools. Most health professions schools require a specific set of college courses for admissions, and these pre-requisites are different in each institution. The following list covers the courses most schools require, but this is not a comprehensive list.

Required by most (≥90%) programs

  • General Biology (BIO101-102 or BIO103 and 104)
  • General Chemistry (CHE103-104)
  • General Physics (PHY203-204)
  • Organic Chemistry (CHE201-202)
  • College-level English (ENG101 and above)
  • Biochemistry (CHE315)

Required by some (≤50% programs)Researchers_review_documents

  • Calculus (MAT241-242) and/or Statistics (MAT301)
  • Psychology (PSY101)
  • Sociology (SOC101)
  • Human Physiology/Anatomy (BIO355 and/or 356)
  • Genetics (BIO315)
  • Courses in Humanities (LIT, ENG, HIS, AFR, etc.)

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