Congratulations to PRISM’s 2015 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher – Yessenia Lopez

P1000652Yessenia Lopez is this year’s honored recipient of PRISM’s Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award.  She joined the lab of Dr. Demi Cheng in June 2013 to pursue a project related to Alzheimer’s Disease, seeking to determine if the pesticides maneb (MB) and mancozeb (MZ) increase the expressions of β-amyloid precursor protein (AβPP) and β-amyloid peptide 42 (Aβ42). During her time in Dr. Cheng’s lab, Yessenia transformed from a science student into young scientist, showcasing her ability to think critically, work independently, and collaborate effectively.  In the words of her mentor, “She takes pride in her lab work, she gets truly excited about results, and the high quality of her research reflects this.” Yessenia has accepted an offer to participate in the competitive post-baccalaureate PREP program at Albert Einstein College of Medicine.  This is her next step on the way to pursuing her PhD and fulfilling her career goal to be an independent scientist.

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