Shu-Yuan Cheng

Demi (Shu-Yuan) Cheng

Demi (Shu-Yuan) Cheng

Assistant Professor of Toxicology

Areas of Expertise: Toxicology, pharmacology, molecular biology, and neuroscience

Science has always interested me and I often think about how it interacts with our daily lives. I love the delight that comes about from the process of discovery. I also enjoy using my findings to help and improve the lives of everyone.

I encourage students to read, think and plan their research before you start. I constantly meet with them to discuss the background of their projects, the data, and the future experiments. I strongly recommend students to present their results at conferences, either at John Jay or national conferences.

My main research is to study the role of environmental toxins (dithiocarbamate compounds) play in neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease and to evaluate the extraction efficiency of cathinones in various biological matrices by using LC/MS/MS.

I also collaborate with my colleagues to study (1) the pharmacological mechanism of mitomycin C and decarbamoyl mitomycin C (funded by NIH), (2) the toxicity of newly synthesized salen which is a popular chelating ligand used in coordination chemistry and homogeneous catalysis, and (3) the structure, function, and regulation of dopamine transporter.


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