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PRISM is providing several files (below) to help guide students in preparing an effective poster for inclusion in the PRISM Symposium.  These guidelines may also be helpful to students who are creating posters to present their research at professional conferences.  However, students should keep in mind that conferences often have their own guidelines and may require a somewhat different format.

2015 Poster Submission Instructions:

  • Posters of graduating students will be considered for the PRISM poster contest with judging to take place before the Symposium.
  • No posters will be permitted in the Symposium unless they are reviewed and approved by a PRISM coordinator prior to printing.

To accommodate larger files, posters should be submitted to the PRISM gmail account ( Please follow these guidelines and your mentors’ advice to prepare posters.  To ensure that mentors have seen and approved all poster content, you are required to list your mentor’s email address in the CC of your poster submission email to the gmail account.

Once submitted, PRISM coordinators will be reviewing and likely making some edits to your posters.  All files should be submitted as PowerPoint files so that they can be edited by coordinators. You will be informed of these edits and in some cases will be asked to make edits yourself and re-submit.  All of these edits and re-submissions must take place in a very timely fashion (within 48 hours of when you hear from a coordinator) in order to ensure all posters are printed in time for the Symposium.  Please check your email accounts often during those two weeks until you are informed that your poster has been approved for final printing.

**Posters will not be reprinted for typos or last minute results as we have accommodated in the past so please be sure to double and triple check your posters BEFORE submission.

Poster Guidelines – Detailed Instructions

PowerPoint from Poster Workshop – Includes Tips for Oral Presentations

Poster Templates

For examples of past presentations, view the posters in our Poster Library, keeping in mind that while these are examples of good posters, they do not necessarily comply with all of the most current PRISM guidelines.

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