Program Expectations

PRISM Student Expectations

Students who are funded by PRISM are expected to meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain, or do better than, a grade “C” average in all upper level science courses.
  • Submit a new research proposal each semester, one that carefully follows the guidelines outlined for that semester.
  • Arrange a research and meeting schedule with their mentor, and follow that schedule faithfully.
  • RSVP for and attend all monthly meetings, unless prior exemption is received for a legitimate conflict. These meetings usually include important announcements, a presentation by a fellow PRISM student about his/her research, and a guest speaker about graduate school and career options for forensics majors.
  • Attend all scheduled trainings, including but not limited to those about poster preparation.
  • Prepare, submit on time for printing, and present a poster at the PRISM Symposium in May explaining their research.
  • Submit their information for the annual Chronicle on time and as requested.
  • Read and respond to all email correspondence received from PRISM or the PRISM coordinators.  This includes carefully reading the PRISM newsletters.
  • Participate in outreach events when called upon.  These may include presenting their research at meetings or events, hosting a younger “lab shadow,” giving tours of their lab, among other things.
  • It is also strongly suggested that all PRISM students “like” the PRISM facebook page so that they can receive important announcements and reminders, and learn about extra opportunities available to them.

Think you’re ready to apply? Complete the PRISM Application Form, then contact PRISM to set up an appointment to talk about your PRISM interest.

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