Admission Requirements

Program Requirements

Our application period is now closed, but we will be accepting applications again in August with the exact dates to be determined.

There are several levels of PRISM participation.  Students are welcome to join us as a PRISM student at any time, as early as their first semester at John Jay or at a partner community college.  Interested students should be planning a major in either forensic science or computer science and have some interest in possibly pursuing an advanced degree after obtaining their BS from John Jay.  Contact PRISM for more information.

All PRISM students are invited to join us for PRISM activities, such as monthly meetings and science enrichment events.   They will also receive the PRISM student newsletter, which will alert them to important PRISM news and opportunities.


Minimum Requirements for the PRISM Research Training Workshop

PRISM runs a Research Training Workshop each year in January and again in June.  The workshop is generally three days long.  During the workshop, students are engaged in discussions on ethics, scientific conduct, professional responsibility, and community responsibility. This training also addresses the topics of literature searches, record keeping, and report writing, and it introduces students to basic laboratory techniques and protocols.  Students who complete the training successfully are then eligible to begin research with a mentor and to apply for PRISM funding for that research. Students who complete this training are considered “PRISM Research Students.”

Eligible students…

  • Have declared a major either in forensic science or computer science
  • Have completed Chem 201 (for forensics majors)
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.5
  • Have demonstrated proficiency in all science, math, and computer courses
  • Have a sincere interest in attending graduate or medical school

* Please note, however, that these are minimum requirements. Each year, PRISM has a competitive applicant pool for a limited number of training workshop spots.  Students will be recruited out of Chem 201 in the fall and out of Chem 202 in the spring.  Interested students are welcome to contact PRISM to be interviewed and to complete an application to be considered for this workshop.


Information about our August 2015 Research Training Workshop

Our next workshop will take place August 17-20, 2015.   To be eligible for this workshop, you must meet the above requirements and you must be preliminarily accepted to PRISM, based on an application and/or interview with one of the program coordinators.  Any student who would like to be considered for this workshop should be sure to stop by the PRISM office by next week and meet briefly with Dr. Sanabria-Valentin, who is there most times. (Email him at to set up an appointment if necessary.) It is important that your application is up to date and that we are aware of your continued interest.  Once grades from the previous term are in, PRISM will invite students via email to participate in one of its workshops.

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