Chronicle Guidelines

The Chronicle of Undergraduate Research is an important publication for our program. Not only does it highlight the wonderful work you and your students do, it provides evidence to existing and potential funding agencies that we are accomplishing the goals and objectives identified. For that reason, it is crucial that all of our mentors have up-to-date research interests/bios and photographs in the Chronicle.


Bio/Research Profile 

The short profiles of PRISM research mentors in the Chronicle help to highlight the incredible work you do with our students.  Your profile is also a means for advertising your research to potential new students.  It should include some of your personality if possible.

General content guidelines are shown below, and you can also refer to the past years’ Chronicle for a sample. Please send your profile text and a photo to Eric Dillalogue ( by February 6, 2015.  If you have an existing profile, you may reuse the existing text or update it.  If you are a new mentor, please send your head shot along with the information outlined below in the following format:

John Doe, PhD (PhD Institution)

Chronicle Lents

Sample Profile – click the image for a larger view

Official Title at John Jay, i.e. Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Specific Areas of Expertise: List these.

Explanation of how and or why you became interested in either your specific field or in science in general.  Attempt to tell a story here so that potential students and other readers can gain some insight into you as a person as well as a researcher.

What is happening in your lab now?  What do you expect to take place in 2015?

A brief statement about what you like best about mentoring or why you choose to mentor undergraduates. You might instead explain your mentoring style/philosophy. Either is fine.



Photos for the Chronicle need to be provided, as well. Overall, they should follow the specs below. Try to submit one of you in an interesting setting as opposed to just a quick head shot.  If you cannot provide a photo that meets these requirements, we will be happy to arrange to come and take your photo for you!  Just let us know that is what you wish.

  • Photos should be primarily the head and torso. It should show your face clearly.
  • Take photos in natural light, if possible. If not possible,  avoid taking photos under fluorescent lights as it makes everything in the image have a tint of yellow.
  • Photos should be recent – within the last year – and not cropped or scanned.
  • Make sure the lens is in focus!
  • Images should be 300 dpi for best printing. To check image dpi, right click the image (on a PC) and select “details.” Look for the numbers associated with resolution (horizontal/vertical).
  • If you are unsure about a photo’s usability, send it to us for review.

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