Taking on New Students

Mentors are encouraged to take on as many students in their lab as is feasible for them to accommodate and supervise effectively.  There are, however, some initial procedures that we ask you to follow when beginning with a PRISM student.

  • If you are looking for one or more student researchers for your lab, please contact PRISM as we typically have a list of good students who have been officially accepted to PRISM, meet certain academic requirements, and have taken the required training course.
  • If you have a student in mind already, please understand that PRISM acceptance is not guaranteed.  Contact PRISM about the student so that he/she can properly apply to be a funded PRISM student.  Mentors can only receive funding for students who are officially part of PRISM, and only after that student has completed the PRISM training workshop.
  • You may be contacted by a PRISM coordinator about a newly accepted student potentially interested in your lab.   You are free to interview the student yourself and/or reject that student if you do not have any room.

Once a new student starts in the lab and is officially funded, mentors are asked to make sure that the student adheres to the PRISM student expectations.

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