PRISM Attends ASBMB Experimental Biology Conference in Boston, MA

PRISM Attends the ASBMB Experimental Biology Conference in Boston, MA

with signThe ASBMB Experimental Biology (EB) conference is one of the biggest annual biology-based conferences in the country and this year it took place from March 28-April 1 in Boston, MA.  The presentation categories were varied, including such topics as DNA replication studies and cancer genetics. Along with presenters and students, vendors from all around the country set up booths to advertise their cutting-edge instrumentation and kits.  In addition to lectures, vendors, and presentations, this conference offers interactive seminars on such topics as “how to write your resume” and “how to effectively apply for graduate schools.”

This year, PRISM sent two members with mentor, Prof. Artem Domashevskiy, to the EB Conference.  Valentina Aitbakieva presented a poster on her work, “Isolation and Characterization of Different Isoforms of Pokeweed Antiviral Protein (PAP) from Phytolacca americana,”  and David Rodriguez presented a poster on his work, “Studying Interactions Between Pokeweed Antiviral Protein (PAP) and Fluorescently Labeled Tobacco Etch Virus RNA.”  PRISM was also able to send an additional 3 students this year, Karen Conrad, Porfirio Fernandez, and Derek Sokolowski as conference participants even though they did not present their work.

David Rodriguez is a junior student in the PRISM program and this was his first experience presenting at a professional conference.  Below is his account:

Dom and Rod“It was an intimidating experience but an absolute pleasure to attend and present at the 2015 Experimental Biology conference in Boston. The scale of the conference could be felt immediately by the sheer number of people just waiting to get their name badges.  This feeling was amplified further when I entered the grand hall where most of the conference was held. Though a little nervous, my colleagues and I dove right in. We spent the several days talking to other students, top scientists, and vendors from all over the country. One of the most inspiring things I noticed was the variety of research going on. The amount of imagination and intelligence that went into some of the research I learned about is nothing short of amazing. I spent the last day of my visit presenting my own research. I had never presented my research to this point, and I was nervous about my first time being at such a huge conference with so many brilliant people who specialize in biology. Luckily I had been preparing with the help of my mentor, friends, and PRISM. Though nervous. I concentrated and presented my research to quite a few very knowledgeable people. When it was all over, I felt a great sense of accomplishment and was actually excited to present my research and interact with interested people again. I can’t wait until next year.”

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