PRISM Welcomes Its Newest Members!

Fifteen new recruits are now part of our official PRISM family after having attended the Research Training Workshop (RTW) this past January 20-22.

RTW gang jan 2015

Our newest members are from left to right, above: Nithusha Mayakaduwage, Imani Hargett, Laura Duffy, Brianna Bell, Elmer Morales, Jia Wen Tan, Michael Wu, Zenab Khan, William Aguilar, Jeanine Day, Donovan Trinidad, Gerallynn Eusebio, Ronald Peralta, Khamattie Uzagir, and Brooke Nielsen.  Each trainee met and exceeded our minimum PRISM requirements as there was stiff competition this winter for our limited RTW spots.  Among the students were three members of the CUNY Justice Academy, our partner forensics students who originated at a CUNY community college.

DSC05383During this winter RTW, Professor Rauceo and Professor Roberts addressed PRISM expectations and the important of maturity and integrity when performing research.  Visiting speakers also included PRISM mentors (Champeil, Rosati, Delgado-Cruzata, and Brown) who briefed students on their lab’s projects and opened the door for these new students to inquire about open researcher spots.

DSC05450An important component of this and every RTW is the time that they spend in the lab, learning basic techniques related to solutions chemistry.  Prof. Rauceo and Prof. Roberts, along with lab tech, Karol Alvarez, closely supervise these activities, all the while assessing the students’ abilities, in addition to providing feedback about best practices and problem solving strategies.

PRISM coordinators Dr. Ed Sanabria-Valentin and Fran Jimenez met with students throughout the RTW to speak about PRISM policies, procedures, events, and opportunities for stipends and travel funding.  The new recruits were able to interact quite a bit with our veteran peer mentors, who were kind enough to share their best tips for choosing a mentor, time management, and do’s and don’ts of undergraduate research from a more relatable perspective.

We wish our new students a great deal of success as they get matched with a professor and embark on their undergraduate research careers!  Click here for more pictures from this training event.

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