PRISM Students Makes Their Mark at the SOT Conference!

AM2014_HomePageThe Society of Toxicology (SOT) Conference is the largest of its kind for this discipline.   SOT brings together 6,500 toxicologists SOT All - Editfrom more than 50 countries.   This year, it was held March 23-27 in sunny Phoenix, AZ and some of the toxicologists in attendance were our own PRISM students: Christine Ta, Bik Tzu Huang, Jazlene Montes, and Yessenia Lopez, as well as mentor, Dr. Shu-Yuan Cheng. Who better to get the details from than the student attendees themselves?  Read below for their insights and first hand accounts of their experiences and click here for pictures from the trip that showcase both the conference and the sights of Phoenix.


An account from Jazlene Montes, attending for the first time…

The whole experience in general was very eye-opening for me. I’ve always liked science and knew I’d like a career in science, but I never really knew what options there were out there in the “real world.” What was I going to do after I finished school? What would I become and how? Those questions were answered for me at SOT. I got to interact with people in various positions from many different science backgrounds, which was all very cool and informational. I feel calmer knowing what I’m working   for in the long run. Having a goal to work towards has helped reinvigorate me.   I know now that I’d like to continue my education by obtaining a PhD. I’d like my work to be on toxicology with a focus in public health. After finishing school, I can either continue into more schooling or have a career in an industry, the government, or even a college. My final goal now is to one day be a professor at a college teaching students, helping them, and motivating them as so many teachers/professor have done for me. Without them I know I would have never made it to where I am now. I’d like to pass that along to student both in a classroom and/or in a lab. SOT has given me the insight and knowledge I have long been seeking for. Now that I finally know whats possible, the sky is the limit.

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