15 Year Old Child Finds A Lost Ancient Mayan City By The Help Of Stars And Google Maps

A 15 year old young teen who was very keen on ancient Mayans and their culture made an amazing discovery recently. The victorious boy is William Gadoury. His curiosity and knowledge on Mayans’ culture of worshipping stars have led him to this success. He discovered that all the age old Mayan towns matched up with the luminous stars in the sky. He took usage of satellite photos, the night sky, and the google maps. 117 cities of Mayans cities have accurately matched with the constellations investigated in the sky by William.

Only one of the constellations was a bit different when compared. This particular constellation was made out of only 3 stars. As this little teen was only able to find 2 Mayan’s cities by following these constellations, yet he suspects that there’s another city which is hidden and has to be discovered in near future.

He was successfully able to get the help of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) too. William used the satellite photos of the CSA to do further investigations about the particular area where he doubted the city might be hidden.

Daniel De Lisle from the CSA said during an interview on CBC Radio, “By providing William some of these images, we were able to see some structures, and try to see that there’s an elevation here – maybe this could be a pyramid”.

William was given the opportunity to name the city and he named it as K’aak Chi which gives the meaning as the mouth of fire. This teen was successful in finding the new Mayan city, As well as he has done a great job in finding one of the largest sites upto now.

William has also presented his research on the Mayan’s cities to two Mexican archaeologists. These archaeologists have promised him to accompany them during their journey to the ancient Mayan’s cities, which is yet unseen by any person. “It would be the culmination of three years of work and my life’s dream,” William stated.

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