Restaurant feeds stray dogs using leftover food

In Peru, the number of animals on the streets is increasing dramatically. The poor socio-hygienic conditions of some of the country’s largest city suburbs only aggravate the problem. A problem that is alive in Lima, the country’s capital, in some areas besieged by street dogs looking for food. However, there is a restaurant that has created an alternative “menu” to avoid leaving these poor dogs without food at the end of the day.

The restaurant is located in the district of Ate, in the Peruvian capital, and is called Ajilalo. And to help feed the region’s poor street dogs, at the end of the working day this place gathers the leftovers of traditional skewers, unites them with rice, fries them and then delivers them to four-legged friends who need food.

Gerardo Reyes Ortiz, known as “Lalo”, owns the restaurant. And on the official Facebook page of his restaurant, he posted some photos of street dogs. These dogs go every night, just before the restaurant closes, to eat the leftovers of tasty meat skewers. Lalo also asks the other restaurants in Lima to do the same.

Fighting food waste.

Lalo’s idea is that this initiative confronts local administrations with the problem of street animals that affects so many areas of society, such as public hygiene, animal rights and the need for a dignified and protected life. Moreover, thanks to this initiative, Lalo and his restaurant are also fighting against food waste, because in this way the leftovers are not wasted.

Congratulations to Lalo and his restaurant for helping these less fortunate puppies and giving them a hot meal at the end of the day, adding some dignity and joy to them.

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